Our Mission

The AMC Project is more than an organization; it’s a movement inspired by Amanda Mann Clark’s life and her battle with early-onset colorectal cancer. Amanda’s journey, though tragically cut short, ignited a passion and a purpose: to ensure that no one else faces the challenges of early-onset colorectal cancer without awareness, support, and advocacy.

Historically, colorectal cancer was a concern predominantly for older generations. However, the alarming rise in early-onset cases, especially among those under 45 years of age, has shifted the narrative. The AMC Project is committed to addressing this pressing issue, emphasizing the importance of early detection, awareness, and proactive health measures.

The Amanda Mann Clark Mission


Educate the public about the signs, risks, and preventive measures associated with early-onset colorectal cancer.


Advocating the need for early screenings, especially for those under 45, and ensure that patients and their families have the resources and support they need.


Through community engagement, fundraising, and research support, drive tangible change for others.

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