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At the AMC Project, inspired by Amanda Mann Clark’s brave journey with early-onset colorectal cancer, we believe in the power of community and collaboration. Whether you have a question, a story to share, or wish to join our mission, we’re here to listen and assist. Your involvement can make a difference in the fight against colorectal cancer.

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The AMC Project is more than just an initiative—it’s a community-driven movement. Every hand, every voice, and every effort counts. Discover the myriad ways you can get involved and make a tangible difference in the fight against colorectal cancer.

Dedicate your time and skills to the AMC Project. Whether it’s assisting at events, raising awareness in your community, or offering professional expertise, your contribution as a volunteer is invaluable.

Mission & Vision

At the heart of the AMC Project is a mission to increase awareness of early-onset colorectal cancer, advocate for preventative screenings, and provide unwavering support to patients and their families.


Engagement and Outreach

We understand that change is driven by collective efforts, and we are deeply committed to engaging with our community at every level. From organizing local and regional fundraising events to conducting educational forums, our outreach initiatives aim to foster a sense of unity, awareness, and proactive action against early-onset colorectal cancer.

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