About The AMC Project

The AMC Project was born out of a profound personal journey and a desire to make a lasting impact. Amanda Mann Clark, a dedicated Nurse Practitioner, wife, and mother, faced an unexpected diagnosis of Stage IV Colorectal Cancer at the age of 35. Her experience, marked by initial misdiagnoses and the challenges of battling a formidable disease, highlighted the urgent need for increased awareness and proactive measures against early-onset colorectal cancer. The AMC Project stands as a testament to Amanda’s indomitable spirit and her vision to change the narrative around this disease.

Amanda Mann Clark’s story is one of resilience, hope, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. After her diagnosis, Amanda channeled her energy into educating others about early-onset colorectal cancer. She became a beacon of hope for many, emphasizing the importance of early detection and advocating for those in similar situations. Through the AMC Project, we aim to continue her mission, ensuring that her legacy lives on and inspires countless others.

About The AMC Project

A Rising Concern

Colorectal Cancer

While colorectal cancer has traditionally been associated with older age groups, there’s a growing trend of early-onset cases, particularly among individuals under 50. This shift is alarming, not just because of the increasing numbers but also due to the aggressive nature of the disease in younger patients. The AMC Project is at the forefront of addressing this concern, emphasizing the importance of early detection, awareness, and education.

Mission & Vision

At the heart of the AMC Project is a mission to increase awareness of early-onset colorectal cancer, advocate for preventative screenings, and provide unwavering support to patients and their families.


Engagement and Outreach

We understand that change is driven by collective efforts, and we are deeply committed to engaging with our community at every level. From organizing local and regional fundraising events to conducting educational forums, our outreach initiatives aim to foster a sense of unity, awareness, and proactive action against early-onset colorectal cancer.

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